Third Lane Ventures
We, Invest in You.


Third Lane Ventures, is a Sri Lankan based Venture Capital Management Company, Specialized in Early Stage Startups.

What We Do


We invest in the people behind the idea and not in the idea itself. We typically invest in Startup firms at the early stage of their growth cycle. In exceptional circumstances TLV may invest in firms at later stages of growth or in firms requiring seed funding.

Seed funding is the earliest stage of venture funding available to startups. It helps pay for your essentials, while your getting started with your idea.

We provide our startups with more than just capital. TLV takes an active role in the development & growth of our startups. We are always available for guidance to our startup Founders, Co-Founders or CEO's.

In addition, TLV also leverages it's industry networks to expand and grow the sales of our startup firms. Similarly, when our startups need to expand further. TLV provides access to a large pool of Private Equity Capital both in Sri Lanka & Overseas.

We also provide through TLV Squared™ Startup Capital Raising & Advisory services.